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Kit Contains: (30) 1” X 3” Adhesive Plastic Bandages, (2) Knuckle Fabric Bandages, (2) Fabric Fingertip Bandages, (1) 3” Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage, (1) 40” Triangular Sling/Bandages With Two Safety Pins, (8) 3” X 3” Gauze Dressing Pads, (1) 5” X 9” Trauma Pad, (30) Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes,(6) First Aid/Burn Cream Packs (.9gms), (6) Antibiotic Ointment Packs, (1) 1/2” X 10 Yd. Tape Roll, (1) Pair Nickel Plated Scissors (4”), 4” Plastic Tweezers (One Time Use), 2 Pairs Exam Quality Gloves And 1 First Aid Guide. Plastic Case With Gasket, 9-1/6” X 6” X 2-3/8”. Kits Have Bilingual (English/Spanish) Labels. 25 Person Kit.

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First Aid Stafta Kit 10-Person

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