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1"X10" RED OAK S4S R/L

Model #: 110O



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Red Oak S4S Boards are a great way to update your rooms and highlight the special care that has gone into your property. Featuring only the finest grade, you can achieve a rustic or natural wood look very easily. S4S boards can increase the value of your home or business estate and are an inexpensive way to add character and flair to any room.

  • Premium clear red oak for enhanced quality and appearance
  • Natural light to medium brown color, commonly with a reddish cast
  • Straight, with a course, uneven texture that is easy to work with and great for many different projects
  • Smooth surface requiring minimal sanding reducing labor time and costs
  • Can be stained and/or clear-coated to achieve a beautiful finish
  • Perfect for a variety of home improvement projects
  • Due the inherent characteristics of wood, the color and grain may vary between each individual piece

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