Model #: 21018S
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Combining raw strength with delightful grain configuration, Fir is suitable for the heaviest of structural work to the finest of high-grade finish purposes and for the many utility uses in between. Fir, carefully manufactured, seasoned and graded, may be used economically and successfully throughout residential and light commercial construction. Used in accordance with its properties and with proper installation, it will give many years of satisfactory performance. Its most popular use in home construction is in framing - for posts, beams, joists, studs and rafters - comprising the bones of the house. Properly seasoned, it stays straight and, with its strength, stiffness and nail-holding ability, provides superior dollar-for-dollar value in this most important feature of the structure.

ITEM #: 21018S

Additional Product Details:

  • Nominal: 2 in. x 10 in. x 18 ft. #2 KD SPF / Fir
  • Actual: 1 1/2 in. x 9 1/4 in. x 18 ft. 

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