Model #: 1977198
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Generous Range Of Key Variations. Use To Secure Storage Tank Caps, Well Covers, Outdoor Lockers, Sheds, And Other Medium Security Places. Mechanism Tolerances Make Warded Locks A Frequent Choice Where Sand, Ice, And Other Contaminants May Jam Other Types Of Locks. Pair Of Nickel Plated Steel Keys Included. 105D Has 1-1/8" Wide Case, 3/16" Diameter Shackle, And 1/2" Horizontal Shackle Clearance. 22KA, 22D, And 22T Have 1-1/2" Wide Case, 1/4" Diameter Shackle, And 9/16" Horizontal Shackle Clearance. 10D Has 1" Wide Case, 5/32" Diameter Shackle, And 13/32" Horizontal Shackle Clearance. 9D And 9T Have 3/4" Wide Case, 1/8" Diameter Shackle, And 1/4" Horizontal Shackle Clearance. Bumper.


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