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SKU: 35HB14
Description: HARDIBACKER 1/4" 3'x5' by JAMES HARDIE (NOT DUROCK)
HARDIBACKER 1/4" 3'x5'
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Hardibacker 500® with G2 Technology

Installing ceramic tile underlayment just got easier. The ideal thickness for wall applications, Hardibacker 500 with G2 Technology is the lightest 1/2” cement underlayment on the market, yet it provides more compressive and flexural strength. It’s easier to cut and quicker to install, because it uses a convenient nailing pattern dotted 8” on center.

Like other Hardibacker products, it resists water, won't swell or deteriorate, and adheres securely to tile with either mastic or latex-modified thinsets. Hardibacker 500 comes with a 20-year transferable limited warranty.

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